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1922 Vauxhall Tourer 23/60

    Four cylinder OHV engine of 3969 cc displacement
    Maximum 23hp -60hp @ 2000 rpm
    Maximum rpm 2800
    Top speed 62.5 mph
    Bore : 95mm
    Stroke : 140mm
    Rear wheel drive
    Four-speed manual transmission
    Car weight 33cwt, 3qr, 14lbs
    Brakes 2-wheel mechanical
    Wheelbase 130 inches.
  • Vauxhall’s 1922 23/60 tourer is a five seater manufactured by Vauxhall Motors of Luton in England. It replaced the Vauxhall 25, a vehicle renowned for its reliability.Prior to the company’s takeover by General Motors in 1925, the company was known for engineering cars on a par with Bentley.The Kington body was described as “preserving that greyhound look so characteristic of the Vauxhall”.As with many British cars it shared parts, this vehicle shared many with the company’s more powerful 30/98.

    The engine is a four-cylinder engine of the preceding 25hp car with modifications such as an overhead valve head and the harmonic balancer invented by Dr FW Lanchester at the centre of its crankshaft.

    The Lanchester harmonic balancer has two weighted drums driven at twice the crankshaft speed, one by a helical gear wheel attached to the crankshaft and the other by the primary drum. Few surviving cars retain the balancer.

    The 23/60hp was a development of the 4.0-litre, four-cylinder, side valve-engined D-Type Vauxhall of 1913, which had been designed by the company’s famous chief engineer, Laurence Pomeroy.

    When Pomeroy departed Charles Evelyn King, who designed a new overhead-valve detachable cylinder head for both the D-Type, and its sporting stablemate the 30/98, took his place.

    Updated with King’s ohv ‘head in mid-1922, the model was known as the 23/60 or ‘OD’ and was built until 1926, by which time the company had become part General Motors.

    The OD 23/60hp Vauxhall was a popular overseas model and around 1400 were made.